The World of Premium Services


Welcome to Steffan’s Enterprises. If you would like to find out more about our world of premium services, then go ahead and pay close attention!

About the CEO

My father once said to me: “Manuel, you don’t need to hope for luck, you can plan your luck!”

At Steffan’s Enterprises, this philosophy is behind every strategic decision.

All of our companies are successful because we do not compromise on quality and profitability.


If you can dream it, you can also imagine it. If you can imagine it, then you can plan it. And if you can plan it, it’s almost done.

Everything always starts with a dream!

What’s yours?

„Grow your
Business with us“

Our world of premium services knows no borders. Imagination during development and perfection during implementation is the foundation of our success.

Does your business fit with Steffan’s Enterprises?


We originally come from the event industry. Large corporations and ministries entrust us with their most important congresses, conferences, product presentations, virtual events and more.

But perfection and imagination are not only in this industry the key to success.


Founding: HOTELCO Premium Conference Solutions
Opening of further locations:
New York / Dubai
Steffan’s Enterprises
Hotel Jagdschloss Kranichstein
ZORA Event Agency

Our Brands

Brands from Steffan’s Enterprises are selected premium brands and offer first-class cross-industry services.

Our Services

Premium Technology

The technology service provider for real and digital events: Hotelco – Premium Conferences Solutions


During the pandemic we digitized all relevant event processes for our customers.


Thanks to the rapid restructuring, we can continue to close with excellent results.

Premium Hospitality

Our boutique hotel “Hotel Jagdschloss Kranichstein” is the first hotel of Steffan’s Enterprises. More hotels will follow.


The passion to be a host with heart and soul cannot be learned.


You can’t survive over 400 years if you don’t keep developing.

Premium Events

Complex congresses, meetings and events are organized by: Zora Events


Due to the very agile infrastructure and precise marketing, Zora Events will continue to grow in the coming years.


With a focus on loyalty and profitability in the supply chains, a robust network is created in which all those involved can participate.

Our Vision

Do you know the feeling that you have a problem and are thinking of a very specific person who definitely has a solution for you now?

Steffan’s Enterprises only invests in companies that trigger exactly this feeling for premium services in our customers.

Our Mission

  1. Further qualified companies will be developed and incorporated to Steffan’s Enterprises.
  2. The interlocking of further companies leads to sales stability and greater brand awareness.
  3. Our common customers imply the quality of each within the quality of the other companies.


Stefan Stahl
Lara Schöck
Ines Städter

Our Work

Our team of qualified managers analyzes potential new business partners and advises on the strategic orientation of the group of companies.

After that, the cooperation will be realized.

Potential Portfolio

Other Premium Services such as:

  • Global Concierge Service
  • Yacht Service
  • Private Jet Service
  • VIP Helicopter Shuttle
  • Other Entertainment Brands
  • Other Hotel & Resort Brands